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Thursday, September 29, 2011

postheadericon Welcome to Preachin and Plowin

Welcome to Preachin' and Plowin'. This blog emerges from a class at Memphis Theological Seminary called, "Farming, Food, and Faith." I hope this will become a place for the exchange of visions of rural life in relation to food and faith, of practices of farming, eating, and living well in relation to such visions, and for sharing stories and questions about rural life and rural ministry. We can also explore together how Christian faith relates to the land, to living on the land, to farming, to producing and sharing good food, and the care of God's creation. I'm hopeful that together we can create a space where we share lives of faith in relation to rural life. City folks (like myself) will also, I hope, find a place of connection with people and churches and other organizations in rural areas.